Marsha and Stanley Travel the World


When a person is about to retire, there are two things they talk about doing: spending more time with family, traveling. Neither of these things had any appeal for me as I approached the end of my employment. I already spent waaaay too much time with my family. Not one of them would appreciate more. And I had seen enough of the world to know it was a good place and a bad place, wherever you went.Mediterrean

Stanley, however, had a bucket list, and it mostly contained places to see. Bucket lists also made no sense to me, but as I saw Stanley come home (alone) from several of his travels, I started to wonder. Which led to taking one trip, then another, then three inside a year. Travel, travel everywhere, and not a list in sight.

GreeceWelcome to the wonderful world of travel as only me, Marsha, can do it. Without much reason, without an order of preference, without any need to study the history or understand the culture ahead of time, here are my observations…

I should give you a general warning in advance.



8 thoughts on “Marsha and Stanley Travel the World

  1. Hi there Marsha (Susan?) – Happy New Year, and Best Wishes for a wonderful travel-filled year.

    This was perfect timing to connect with you! I have a few questions for you along those retirement lines if you are game?

    I am writing a post on “options baby-boomers may not think are possible for a post-retirement life,” specifically the planning aspects of travel full-time, and wondered if you’d be interested in offering your thoughts.

    As our boomer cohort gets to this age of so-called retirement, we have a lot more options than perhaps any generation to date.

    This fascinates me and got me to thinking about offering some inspiration, tips, and resources for planning. My section is on what I learned in 10 years of solo travel.

    If this isn’t for you, I totally understand. Either way it’s your call.

    If you’re interested, here are the questions – just three. (But certainly feel free to add any other questions I “should” ask you!)

    1.) What made you decide on international work/travel, vs full-time work, as an option?

    2.) What were the most important aspects of your planning that made this lifestyle possible?

    3.) What would you say to someone wanting to plan a life of international work/travel (or something like you two are now doing in Ukraine)?

    What do you think? Any thoughts or other suggestions would be welcome too!

    All the best,

    (Life Lessons… What The World Taught Me)

    P.S. (Love your sock collection!)


    1. Jonelle – thanks so much for the many, many questions! I like your ideas about retirement and love that you are questioning what it ‘should’ looke like. Let me gather together some ideas and gird myself with my thinking socks, and I’ll get back to you. Let the fun begin…. Marsha (Susan is her much-more sane counterpart who lives in the real world and doesn’t write)


      1. Oh, I love the “thinking socks”… (I have my Irish wool “writing socks” on now. I can’t seem to write in shoes… but socks work just fine! 😉

        I appreciate your willingness to engage in the discussion. I’ve received a couple of responses from James & Terri at and from Margo at so we’re getting some varied perspectives to begin with. This should be both fun and interesting.

        Thanks again for your interest and enthusiasm (I’m sure you don’t just put those thinking socks on for just any purpose!)

        All the best,



  2. “without any need to study the history or understand the culture ahead of time” This is me too, though I try to find out a bit while I’m there, and do some research afterwards for the blog so I look intelligent 🙂
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    Thanks so much for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.
    Cheers, and happy travels


    1. I must confess, that one reason I write as ‘Marsha’ and live as Susan is that i can write more simply than I live. But, I do try to minimize the clutter approach to travel, whether planning or doing. Nothing better than to stand in a famous place and see what I think about it, without a lot of outside influence (man, does that sound vain!)
      I am loving your blog and so interested in the choices you have made. My husband ‘Stanley’ is right with you in spirit, but I’ve still got one foot in the bungalow (for now.) Happy blogging – Susan

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  3. Love the dual personalities, the desire to travel with your husband, and your eyes-wide-open approach to life. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. What a pleasure just trying to keep up with you!


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