I am Marsha, an imaginary character in the life of a California writer who uses me to simplify her otherwise too-chaotic existence. My husband, Stanley (who may or may not bear a certain resemblance to a real person) and I retired earlier than wise people would have. January 2011 begins my quest to find out what it is that Stanley and I have gotten ourselves into.

Did we check out of the work force too soon? Will we be able to stay thinking, intelligent people without a schedule given to us by some outside force? Were we ever THAT intelligent? We did retire in the midst of economic crisis, so there’s room for discussion here.

I am devoting the next year or two or ten to retirement quests. If you have a retirement question you want someone to find out before you take the plunge into that unknown, send it. I have some of my own. Mostly, how to have no job, but plenty fun.


14 thoughts on “Marsha

  1. Love the picture of Eaton trail. You do take great photos. Focusing on the retirement issues will prove very interesting, I think. Good luck

    Pat won a trip to the Caymen Islands; we leave Monday AM. She was #1 salesperson in the country. Totally proud of her!!

    So, if musings from the left cut back a bit, you know why!!

    All the best

    La Taj


  2. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope all is ok. Miss your observations. PS Really enjoy hermit. Seems a kindred spirit of sorts. Question for you: Your boomer question is “Should I have retired so early?” Perhaps another perspective is, “Why did I wait so long?” or “Have I waited too long and put too much off?” I’m in the middle of that mental go round.


  3. Hi Marsha – Looking forward to reading more from your blog! Thank you for stopping by on my site and for your supportive thoughts! I’m not retired yet, will probably have to work till I drop -lol Will be checking back, Thanks again Hugs! Donna


    1. Love your blog – words and photos! Retirement can be fun – but what a change. I look back to the hectic schedule – like yours now – and I have no idea how we managed. All the best – look forward to more good reading on your site. Marsha (or Susan, depending if I am writing in my alter-ego, or just being real)


      1. Supposedly when one gets an “award” from a fellow blogger, one is to answer the questions and nominate their favorite bloggers for the same award, to pass it on. Well, like you, not one to necessarily follow the “rules” thought I would just identify those who sent me the awards, like The Hermit, and point out some fellow bloggers I like, without the requirements of their following rules, answering questions, or having to Tag others.

        PS and BTW: really liked your “tag your it” responses today. Well done. I still haven’t figured out how to get the artwork copied to my site.


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