Hawks 3


I am a full-out hawk snoop.

Every move, each turn of the head, each feather ruffled, I try to capture. What an inept photographer I am, but what fun I am having. Poor Stanley comes with me on just the morning walk, because I have become unbearable. My camera, though, comes along on both morning and afternoon adventures. I am elated when I can find a hawk or two on my own, because Stanley still has a mystical power and his soul connects with these raptors at a creature level. I am just a snoop.


Have you ever heard a hawk’s call? Such an insistent, scratching scream. Now, I have seen it up close in my photos. What an amazing experience. There is the two-syllable screaming plea, and the repetitive insistent screeching blast. I can now hear them from a block away and alter my walk to search for them, following their call. I know they are not really calling me – they are talking to each other. But, remember, I am now an unapologetic snoop. I interpret their calls as invitations.

I won’t bore you with all the hundreds of photos with which I am obsessed. Like Stanley, you may desert me and I will be left alone to adore these hawks. Because, certainly, even if all by myself, follow these raptors I must. I continue to try to identify them, but so far I only am guessing that there is a light colored one and a darker colored one. They look very much alike, though, these red-shouldered hawks. I hope they have a nest nearby.

So, with one last photo, I will leave you. This one is called Classic Hawk. Ahhh – beautiful – but which is it? Male or female?




12 thoughts on “Hawks 3

  1. I *get* the fascination with birds. I sit on the patio with my camera waiting for them to pose for me, or hoping I’ll be quick enough to catch one in flight. You got some great shots. It must be amazing to hear them call.

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    1. Lucky photos among a gazillion. Thanks to digital photography, I don’t wait, I just click. The funny part is that I really can’t see what I’ve captured until I get back home, and then I get to relive the walk all over again through the photos.

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  2. Terrific photos of magnificent birds. We love the hawks as well and have heard the cries you describe. My wife, who is an avid birder, says you need to see the hawks side by side: the female is always the larger.

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  3. great pictures you capture of your new friends! I am sure they will start to recognize you soon and become more comfortable in your company. If they hang around they probably have a nest nearby or are building one. Looking forward to seeing more! Ps. Unfortunately male and female Red-shouldered Hawks look pretty much the same so you would need to find the nest and you would know from their behavior who is who 🙂

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    1. Tiny – just between you and me, we found the nest and are closely watching the activity, which has quieted a bit. Mrs Hawk stays in the nest most of the time and Mr Hawk stays close by more than before. Such fun! And yes, can’t tell them apart, I just assume by where they are which is which.


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