Rain, Rain…

As long as I have lived in California, we have had drought on our minds. We are either entering a drought, recovering from one, or – as right now – in the midst of an historic period of wishing for rain. We have been at it for so long, we classify our type of drought, so as to fool ourselves into thinking we are transitioning from one climate to another. But it’s all about relative drought, and we worship what we don’t have. We worship rain.

And then it comes.IMG_0229

And comes again.

And the next day, too.

It damages the neighborhood.IMG_0204

We Californians are not known for our ability to focus for long periods of time. Didn’t the word ‘fad’ begin here? We love those things that come and go and come again, so we don’t have to pay attention for too long. We’re always entertained by the next new thing. IMG_0224

So, for Stanley and Marsha, two native Californians, four days of rain indicated an end of the historic drought. Didn’t it? Certainly, it should have.

After four days, I’m ready for the new fad: no rain. New wildflowers.

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19 thoughts on “Rain, Rain…

  1. As much as I’d like for the drought to be over, I read this morning that we need SEVERAL years of above average rain for that to happen. Yikes! It’s supposed to rain again here on Friday and I am looking forward to it (we aren’t getting as much rain as you are up north).

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  2. We lived in South Texas for 10 years and the last 4 years we were there we experienced a severe drought. I understand your short sentence, “We worship rain” perfectly. I’d never thought about how rain cleans the dust from the air nor appreciated how amazing it was to have things green up again until I went through that “dry spell.” Rainy days are great – especially when you can stay inside your home and look out a window! Anita

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    1. Absolutely true, Anita. I don’t know how I would feel about rain if it was a daily occurrence, but this rain is most welcome. I imagine the climate in the Algarve is similar to what we have here – pretty mild and pretty nice.


  3. It’s like Australia – droughts that go on for years and years. And then the rains come, and the ground is so hard the water just flows right off creating horrendous flooding. Glad to hear Cali is getting some water at last. All that green is so soothing and beautiful.

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    1. Tiny – thanks for the good-wishes. Luckily, here, even though we don’t have the infrastructure for enormous rain storms, the rain we get simply flows down the streets and we sit around in awe. Since we’re so close to the ocean, the rain feeds in to the great big pond. BTW – I think I found a hawk family nearby, and I am obsessed with them – all thanks to you, of course!

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