Happiness in a Bottle

Like many people, I have spent a lot of time searching for a perfect place where I am content, rejuvenated, relaxed, pleased and comfortable. But what we’re really searching for is happiness. I have gladly listened to friends talk about finding their place on earth, and mostly they are not really talking about finding a physical place so much as finding a state of being happy. This state may include meditation, exercise, art, religion, music, or seeking knowledge, friendships or self-worth. I congratulate anyone who participates in this quest for perfect happiness, but for a long time, I have found it to be find excessively elusive.

Oftentimes, what I thought might bring me the happy I wanted, didn’t work, or didn’t work for long. I think I was just making things complicated. Now, I have a very simple solution.

Happiness in a bottle
Happiness in a bottle

I have bubbles.

comfy seat
comfy seat


For me, bubbles epitomize happiness. Maybe they don’t last long, but life is glorious for several moments when the little shiny globes dance around my deck, suspended. When one or two escapes over my low fence, I hope someone down the street shares in a happy moment. Bubbles don’t cost a lot of money, and can be pulled out in a flash. They can be packed for travel days, and left out on the patio for just the right time.

It’s not an impressive solution. Or long-lasting. Or philosophically satisfying. Few people will think better of me for pulling out a bubble wand. (But I will adore those that do.) Many will say this is not even a solution at all, but a side-step. I disagree. Being happy, for me, is as fleeting as a bubble in the breeze, and as easy as blowing into an open circle of plastic.

Perhaps my quest is over. I have found happiness in a bottle.

the end
the end

6 thoughts on “Happiness in a Bottle

  1. This one made me smile, which is quite an accomplishment after a long work day 🙂 Loved it. And I know all about bubbles…my granddaughter is into this kind of happiness almost every time we’re together….and I’m really happy when we blow bubbles. The bigger the better.

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  2. Temporary emotions… this applies to both those feelings of happiness and misery… unless we dwell on that momentary state and perpetuate it… of course, we are much more effective at prolonging misery than happiness. Blow some bubbles for me.

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