clean ancool, but not cold
Keswick, England – cool, but not cold

We had been fortunate with travel weather. The small amount of rain had cleared the skies and refreshed the flora. Sweaters and light jackets kept us comfortable. But, as you probably already know, I am an unapologetic wuss when it comes to warmth. I live in a climate that ranges from 65 degrees F to 75 degrees F, all year-long. I look upon gloves as someone else’s fashion statement, hats with ear flaps as something no one should ever need.

I come upon this love of warmth through many, many years and much hard work. I had grown up in California, moved to Colombia as a young adult, then on to Texas. All warm weather havens. I should have foreseen a complication, but when I moved to Ukraine several years ago, the cold winter weather slapped me in the face and never let go the chill. People there welcomed me, but the weather stamped ‘return-to-sender’ on my down coat and sent me on my way after a cold, cold winter. I have never recovered.


I didn’t see the wind chill coming as we drove north through the UK. The countryside is charming, the roads wonderful. When we arrived in Edinburgh itself, I saw a gorgeous, almost surreal city. People looked lively, friendly and inviting. Then I stepped out from the car, and felt the ice of the air. I was cold the entire visit.

There are moments when you travel for the joy of seeing new places, but there are other times when you can’t see past your own discomfort. Everyone has their soft spot. I ease my way through long travel days by packing light. I can make up a meal wherever I go. I clean hotel rooms when they need it. I take overnight bus trips. I know how to use squat toilets. I can cleanse my own water.

But cold weather shuts me down. Poor Edinburgh. It didn’t have a chance with me. Others were fine – I didn’t even see many people decked out for the cold. They wore maybe a light jacket, or a scarf. I wound myself in three layers of protective gear and still felt the cold in my toes. Worse: I don’t believe I even got to mispronounce its name out loud. Teeth chattering kept me from saying much. And it wasn’t even winter yet.

Most alarming item of information: people actually golf here. Isn’t that an outdoor sport???


18 thoughts on “Edinburrrrr

    1. Alison – Mexico sounds just right after December in Montreal. People say there’s nothing like the Holiday season in snowy cold-weather cities, but give me ripe lemons on the tree and no ice on the ground. Cheers to you and Don.


  1. Love what you did with your latest attempt at pronouncing Edinburrrrr! We find it cold there too – the East coast is generally colder and drier and here in the West it’s slightly warmer but wetter. You can’t win. And yes, people golf in all weathers here.

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    1. Anabel – I am ashamed that I couldn’t get warm enough to do the city justice – its architecture alone is remarkable. I’ll have to return in the summer and spend some more time along the west coast. We did take a quick ride into the glorious Highlands and somehow there,I warmed up!


  2. Love your title and it summed up your feelings about Edinburgh perfectly! I’m a native Californian who got transplanted to Montana for many years where I discovered a love for flannel sheets, electric blankets, thermal everything and, along with you, a sheer loathing for cold weather! After years in Texas and then in Central and South America this is our first “winter” weather here in Portugal. The change in weather has been kind of nice and I’m finding I’m enjoying the cooler weather (low 50’s to 65 Fahrenheit) for good long walks. Nothing, though, like Edinburrrr’s bone chilling clime! Anita

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    1. Anita – There are a lot of things about California that are flawed, but weather generally isn’t one of them! My ideal is sweatshirt every day, which sounds pretty close to Portugal right now. It’s a sad fact of my life, but I do have to factor in weather tolerance. Cold toes, cold heart 😉


  3. We used to live in Maine and loved the snow and cold. No longer. We feel your misery and we’ve been in places where we also found we could not get comfortable. The last few years we’ve packed silk long underwear and that does help on the chilly days. Still, we love sunny days over 65 and a place has to be outstanding to deal with less.

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  4. I was born up, way up north, but believe me one can grow out of that inheritance! I loved the hot weather in Africa and love the warm weather here in Florida. I get cold to my spine when it’s cold and wet so I see what you are saying. The burrrr is not for us 🙂

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