Perspective & Humanity

If you haven’t visited Uncle Spike before, I would like to offer you this link today. He blogs from Turkey, a country that has given me a warm welcome twice, and speaks for many all over the globe.

Uncle Spike's Adventures

During the past 48 hours, I, and I’m sure many of you, will have seen or perhaps taken part in the prayers and condolences offered to the people of Paris, France. However, I’m also mindful that yet again, for some reason that really escapes me, we seem to have lost perspective as to what is an attack on humanity… and what is not.

I am deeply sorry for those who lost their lives, for their loved ones, and for all who now feel a sense of loss of their personal security, as of late last Friday. However I wonder if we, as supposed equal members of this human race, should not be asking ourselves why atrocities in one country, are deemed worthy (and rightly so) of our shared sense of grief, compared those that occur in other countries.

Of course, the loss of 132 lives on one day is absolutely appalling…

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3 thoughts on “Perspective & Humanity

  1. Of course his observations are correct, and I don’t know if its because of lacking media coverage, or lack of caring about certain parts of the world, but the message is valid. We all should count and be cared about.

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    1. I think it’s a mixture. Even when the media cover events in Asia/Africa/South America, they admit that is has low-impact value, whereas similar or even lesser events in Europe or North America make everyone follow the media circus, so I guess they control a big part of how people react.

      Whether innocents slaughtered are brown, yellow, white, gay, muslim or Eskimos should not make one iota of difference… but somehow, it does my friend.

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