Nature’s Way

IMG_20150911_1253447_rewindThe Giant’s Causeway. I’d heard of it all my life, before I learned it was world-renowned. I’m fairly skeptical about the wonders of the world. Sometimes they are over-rated, and sometimes simply over-run by tourists. I expected to be pleased to walk the paths my grandpa had walked. But I didn’t expect to be surprised by beauty and fresh cleanliness and the absolute breath-taking surprise of what nature can do.

Of course, we heard the story of Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool), as all tourists do. He was a giant man who built the Causeway so he wouldn’t get his feet wet when crossing to Scotland. Of course, there is much more to this story, including a tale of how very clever his wife was. It is a nice legend, but not near as unbelievable as the stonework itself.

stepping stones?
stepping stones?

A person can walk for as long or as short as they want. Many parked their cars east along the Old Causeway Road, near the Shepard’s Trail, to walk the long way into the Giant’s Causeway. It zigs and zags down the cliff to the ocean, an intimate entrance to this stunning landscape. Well, intimate when you can avoid the crowds.

Many, many people appreciated the scenery on the day that we did. It didn’t take away my pleasure at this extraordinary sight. But it did make me wonder how much more powerful it would be, just me and that magnitude of a force of nature.


16 thoughts on “Nature’s Way

  1. Excellent photos Susan and they’ve inspired me to put my best geek foot forward. As you probably already know, formations of this type are called “columnar jointing” and they’re relatively rare. Also, in any geologic textbook or discussion, when the topic comes up, the Giant’s Causeway is usually cited as one of the best examples in the world. From you photos, I can see why. ~James

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