We meet-up here in the blogosphere in an exchange of wonder. It still amazes me when I Skype with a friend in Ukraine, or realize that the BungalowBlogger is online in Italy the same time as I in California. Computers, to me, are still such a miracle that I invent cartoony explanations in my mind for how they work at all. Face-to-face meetings, though, I understand and value above all the others. When blogging companions meet-up, there’s a unique thrill. It’s as if we all walk out of a science fiction world and prove we are also real.


Once upon a time at the bungalow, we brought together three blogging buddies, handshakes instead of posted comments. While we all have interesting lives with lots happening, the moment that me, Marsha met-up with Barney and The Hermit has a very special meaning.


great place for a meet-up
great place for a meet-up

Thanks to Beth and Joe, it has happened again. In the tiny town of Los Osos, five traveling souls met-up, and what a time we had! If you think these people entertain by writing through their blogs – and all three, Barney, the Hermit, and Beth and Joe certainly do – you should hear their voices in story. I will treasure my second meet-up, and hope for many more in the future.

Love-Love-Love (sung to the tune of the Beatles’ song, of course)




10 thoughts on “Meet-Ups

  1. Now you’re going to make me blush!!! Meet ups are indeed, great. And for the last one, we still are talking about Frank and Lola’s and how wonderful it was, all from a tip from a fellow blogger!

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  2. Oh, yes, we were so delighted to meet you and Stanley! And it did seem an amazing thing to feel we knew you before – but only as well as we could another blogger. Now, having met, you’re a friend in a more realized way. So happy for our meeting!

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  3. Isn’t it wonderful that we are for real!! I’ve met up with one blogging buddy and his family last fall. They came to see Mama Osprey and saw she is for real too 🙂 We had a wonderful time in the marsh and at lunch afterwards. I’m hoping to meet more buddies soon! Maybe you decide to travel here for a nature immersion vacation one day!?

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