Home, and other imperfections

Places around the world have such an array of imperfections. Buildings that crumble, but in a charming way.

Brasov, Romania
Brasov, Romania

Efficient multi-purpose intersections.

apartment above bazaar below cars anywhere
apartment above bazaar below cars anywhere


Landscaping misadventures.

Kherson, Ukraine
Kherson, Ukraine

Sand you dare not tread barefoot.


As I see more of the world, I’m always impressed with ingenious ways people deal with their environment. Pipes on the outside of buildings, as if an afterthought for indoor water. Or heat. Tri-paned rectangular windows, because even in frigid winter, you may need to vent the smallest pane. Buildings that match the hills they are built on, their bricks slowly melting back into the ground. There is so much variety, and so much that makes sense, even if I can’t quite see it at the moment. It seems apparent that if there was one perfect way to do things, it would have been done already.

Which brings me home. Along the famous Hwy 1 on the California coast, many people would consider this place perfect. Why would anyone take a vacation from this place of perfect weather, perfect health, perfect views?

Because I’ve never seen the lovely imperfections of China.


9 thoughts on “Home, and other imperfections

  1. Enjoyable post! The charming variety of imperfections have drawn me out to the world for a long time…now little less so. I smiled at the multipurpose intersection, brought back memories of such places around the world…where I can’t even imagine driving, while the locals seem to think these places work really well for rush hour traffic. The quickest simply go first.


  2. So China is next on your travel agenda? We had friends who took a trip to China in November. They had an amazing time and we need to catch up with them so I can see their pictures. Hopefully this summer.

    Enjoying your travel adventures. Keep them coming. *grin*

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