Athens: a Listful Experience

Grocery lists, to-do-lists, best-seller lists, must-see-lists. Lists of favorite places, lists of attractions, lists of museums. The only list that is special to me, Marsha, is a word list. This is mine on Athens.



Light rain

heavy traffic

garden balconies

filo, fetta, spinach

big dogs

small shops



WP_20141007_024Hadrian’s Traffic corner monument





famous views everywhere

next up: home


8 thoughts on “Athens: a Listful Experience

    1. Languages. I love to learn them, but I have noticed more and more people speaking English everywhere. In Athens, they took one look at me and Stanley (who is very Mediterranean) and started speaking English right away. Annoying, but at least not befuddling.

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  1. That’s short and sweet. I could add one word to you list: hills. We stayed with friends who lived high above the city center on a hill. Gorgeous views over the old city!


  2. Loving your brief word posts. You can say a lot with only a few words.
    Sounds like you’re enjoying your trip. We’re off to Italy tomorrow and after a snowstorm a week since early December, we can’t wait!


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