Never let your loved ones talk you into watching “The Walking Dead.” Your formerly pleasant drives around town will be filled with ‘what house would be best for surviving a zombie apocalypse?’ and ‘where would my water supply come from?’

beautiful, but no water to drink
beautiful, but no water to drink

Stanley says there is a way to convert sea water to drinking water, but I wonder just how practical that is when Zombies are wandering the streets and there is no electricity.


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    1. oh, darn. I’ll have to tell Stanley. There’s a dam up the highway a few miles, but our son tells us to forget it – others will have thought of that right away. We’re thinking the Sierra Nevada and its perpetual supply of spring water 😉


      1. Forget the Sierra. We’re in the throes of the worst drought ever, and wells are drying up everywhere. All the lakes are down and the only salvation might be Hetch Hetchy, San Francisco’s source.

        Can Stanley figure out how to make water from smog???


      2. Every day, we take a walk and count each way we are better off for being here. Smog (and all the things that come along with it) is big in that conversation.
        It’s been very dry here, too, but Hermit has come up with a way for us to use solar power to convert salt water to drinkable H2O in case the zombies attack. Ahhh- sweet relief.
        Sorry about the dry Sierra – now excuse me while I go dip my toes in the Pacific.


  1. Hmmmm. I don’t spend much time with or worrying about zombies. Regarding water, on a small scale, destilling works. No for those of you who do not have a still in your back yard, a plastic garbage bag, large bucket, small jar, and sun light will do. Fill the large bucket with salt water and place the bag over it, in the sun. Water, minus the minerals will condensate on the lower surface of the bag. Drain this into the jar. You have fresh water.


      1. We have rain barrels to capture water (up to 900 gallons). We have lots of wood to make a fire to boilt it. I’m not telling about the still… That’s for medicinal purposes only.


    1. Maybe … except that it’s also a wonderfully entertaining show. Guts and zombies and growls in the dark – I never thought that would be such fun. I shout warnings at the television screen and make liberal use of my ear plugs – but I keep watching!


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