Day 20, 21 and to eternity: The Quest is Over

The quest is over, but I have not found the holy grail of diets. This is just another diet fad, and though it may help many people, really, what was always true remains: Marsha is what Marsha eats. We all are what we eat; all of us need to figure out what it is that we can live with and what we can’t.

good, and good for you
good, and good for you

The real ‘skinny’ of this diet: I did not lose a pound. I did find out that soy and milk products will stay out of my grocery basket, and that grass-fed beef will occasionally find its way home with me. Was it worth it? Yes, and no. No holy grail, but a good piece of information or two.


11 thoughts on “Day 20, 21 and to eternity: The Quest is Over

  1. Dig into those pretzels, and you, of all people I know, should have no concerns with any special diets! You are doing great as is.


  2. Aah…back to pretzels! I will never start another “diet” because I simply now believe that no diet of whatever length will keep me in shape. For me its about long-term adjustments, such as eating less carbs and only healthy fats and lots of “power” foods which are mostly fruits and vegetables…and having my coffee 🙂


    1. You are so right. For a long time, I’ve eaten around the neighborhood – restaurants we can trust, a farmers’ market one block away that is local, fresh and organic. Even if you frequently travel, once you get into habits that you can live with, it’s easier to maintain a balance when you’re away. And always have a pretzel or cup of coffee a day.


      1. Now you mentioned travel. I have found it quite challenging to maintain my ways of eating when I am away…always tend to get more carbs as in some places you just have to live on bread and eggs…and a Danish 🙂 I always try to rehabilitate myself quickly after coming home.


  3. Fad diets… all have some merit. The larger issue is how to sell/market a book about eating well. I suspect that the majority of potential buyers are woman, who in our culture are concerned (maybe obsessed) with weight loss, as if this were the primary criteria for health. Focusing on “nutrition” or “healthy eatting” would probably attract a smaller number of book purchases, than “diet”. However, the author then needs to play the “do this and lose that amount of weight in this time” game. Most of the weight that people lose in a few days or weeks is water. Changing the mass-ratio of fat-cells to muscle/bone cells take months. There are also a number of cellular mechanisms in the body that resists weight change, which is often why people who lose 50+ lbs regain it within a year. Changing one’s eating habits may result in some weight lose, but more likely redistribution of weight, again from fat to muscle (the later of which is more dense, therefore weighs more, thereby negating the “loss” even though the body is healthier). Selling a book to advocates slow change does not fit our culture. And, is the author’s last name really “Virgin”? Linda & a friend were discussing this detox-reintroduce diet idea. They remembered that 30 years ago, they tried “The Immune Diet”, which was essentially the same, except that this diet eliminated caffeine, and a few other consumable. I suspect that you, unknowingly made a number of healthy nutritional changes by moving to your little beach town and going to the farmer’s market. Sorry about the milk in your coffee thing.


    1. We don’t live on a mountainside farm, but we’ve been fortunate to live near farms for much of the past 30 years, so our diet has always been healthier than a lot of folks.
      I wasn’t a fan of the book. The author’s style is very ‘wooohoooo’ ish (the overly cheerful type.) But, I have to say that staying away from milk products and soy has really regulated my digestion. AND – I just found goats’ cheese (and sheep??) at the farmer’s market. Delicious. Expensive. But very delicious. No goats’ milk yet. Trader Joe has some, so I might try it.


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