Day 17, 18 & 19: The Never-ending Quest for Health

Leave it or Heave it?
Leave it or Heave it?

Nothing on this diet has been difficult, except me and my attitude. I am suspicious about why we always feel we need to change our outlook toward foods. At different times, red meat has been good then bad and now good again; soy is now evil; whole wheat is on the verge of being a bad food. Although I get a bit tired of the author’s ever-loving cheerfulness (she’s a ROCK STAR and she ROCKS!!!!!,) I’ll follow her recommendations if they work for me. But does that mean my supply of Trader Joe’s Multigrain pancake mix, the one that makes wonderful waffles, will have to be tossed? That somehow just doesn’t seem right.


16 thoughts on “Day 17, 18 & 19: The Never-ending Quest for Health

  1. I saw a whole section in Safeway the other day that was gluton free. May the retail grocery is getting with it. I bought gluton free frozen waffles and they weren’t too bad dressed up with syrup, blue berries and whipped cream out of a can. OH,OH. That was a NO,NO.


    1. Agree completely. I bought the new supply just days before beginning this confounded diet. With the end in sight, I don’t think you’ll get your wish, though, because I have a pancake in my near future. It’s almost like I can smell it already.


      1. Then be sure to enjoy it with real maple syrup, or if not that, a blend of cinamon and sugar over melting butter.

        Ah, now my mouth is watering!


  2. Wow, my plate is going to be so full of stuff you are wanting to serve away, next time I visit. Did you turn into a balloon when you re-introduced wheat? Back in the 1970’s Woody Allen’s movie, “Sleeper” played on this idea that what was “bad” when he was frozen was not “good” some centuries later when he was revived (cryogenics style). You will have to Neflix the movie to enjoy the joke. I liked the Orgasnmatran myself… hmmm, was that one of the 7 things you had to give up for 21 days?


    1. “Sleeper” is one I’ve never seen – it sounds like I’d enjoy it now. And so far, I’ve only reacted to cream. I’ve been searching for a small container of goat’s milk, but haven’t turned up anything. There was some raw milk at the farmer’s market, and I was tempted to try, but so far, I’m perfecting my coffee skills so that it tastes really good all by itself, and that about does it. Hope the canning and putting away is going well up on the mountain


      1. Are you joking???? 24 pies. That’s so much mashing and stirring and rolling out that my hands are already sore in sympathy pains for you two. (Of course, I did spend yesterday painting the outside of the bungalow, so my hands were already hurting.)


  3. Moderation works for me. A medium amount is what I tell the Mister when he asks how big a serving I want. Depending on how my day went, a medium amount come dinner time could feed a family of four.


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