Day 14, 15 & 16: The Never-ending Quest for Health

Some people had said that as you re-introduce items to your diet, you would find out fast if you could tolerate them or not. In the case of milk products and me, they were right.

Saying goodbye to the cream
Saying goodbye to the cream

This is one food group I don’t mind giving up. It doesn’t include cheese, does it????


16 thoughts on “Day 14, 15 & 16: The Never-ending Quest for Health

  1. Hey, pass the cream please… Now, is the issue lactose? or, saturated fats (what else is cream besides delicious, white fat)? Experiement: lactose free milk, goats milk, some-nutty creamer substitute. Experiement: 1% or skim milk (yuk). Get back to me.


    1. I agree, without the fat, it’s not worth it. For a long while, I’ve been contemplating coffee w/o the fixins, and have tried it lately. As good as my coffee is, I almost prefer it straight. There’s really nothing else I need milk for … but with your hearty approval, I think I’ll try some goats’ milk just for fun.


      1. Go for it. Goat cheese might take care of your cheese fix. Also, goat’s milk is naturally homogonized (i.e. the fat does not separate out), making it quite rich. I have never seen low-fat or skim goat’s milk… oh, yeah, we milk our own goats. I’ve never seen a chocolate or strawberry goat either. Coffee without sugar or milk? Why bother?


  2. Due to our reno, I’ve been lax with my blog reading. How’s the change in your diet going? Has your disposition changed from grubby to utterly fantastic? *grin*


  3. Just got back and found out you’re into the Virgin Diet! Join the club. We did it last February along with F, D and A! Has much to commend it. Did you write down your goal? Mine wasn’t weight loss, it was old age digestion and the gas that Vintage folks have! By the end of the three weeks without the 7 foods, my gut was squeaky clean.. Amazing! We added back skim milk! Boom…Guess what returned? Giving up my afternoon Chai Lattes was more than could stand so I use Lactose free, 2 % milk. Ahhh! I’ll look for some goat milk next time.. Things made from flour was next – BOOM!!! I now use sprouted wheat bread – no gas from sprouts. Only when you let the grain form and meal it do you get gas and carbs. I just plain gave up, sugar, corn and soy…remember, carbs turn to sugar and sugar, not exercised off, gets stored as fat! Making choices on food to cook or eat out, is so much easier! And at 80, I feel great!


    1. And look great, too.
      Like everything I do, I sort of did the diet mostly almost kind of. And then I made up the rest. Mostly, I rely on exercise for weight control (and a lot of it.) If I don’t exercise (a lot), I gain weight. Right now, I’m off into the garden for a relaxing hour or two of digging holes.


  4. Hey, Mother S, I thought my elderly gas was from the spice drops I am trying to give up. When I finish this bag, I will not buy another. That’s the only way to get rid of a bad habit. I’ll let you know if it works.


  5. It goes along with the diet territory.

    It’s working, I finished my bag of spice drops and have used great restraint not to buy another. Looking around for a substitute. Dried Cherries are good but full of sugar too. T.Bear likes them also. Any suggestions people?


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