Day 7: The Never-ending Quest for Health

Most of the stuff in this diet is old stuff to me. Lots of fresh food, grown and sold close to home. In other words, eat close to the source. I’ve agreed with this philosophy for a long time. But some stuff is new. And that is the challenge.

An old dog can learn new tricks, they say. Or is it ‘an old dog can’t learn new tricks’? At this point in the diet, all attempts to confuse me might be successful, since now I am using solid oil to cook my foods. I can’t remember the last time I allowed solid oil near my stove top. I know the label reads ‘coconut oil’ and the book swears that the stuff comes from heaven, but it looks like Crisco to me.

New Rules
New Rules

So these new rules about cooking might be just the newest in a very long line of diet fads. But there are some interesting pay-offs that I am hoping will stay around for the long-haul. Even though my main hope in following this diet plan is better health, my clothes are suddenly just a bit bigger than they were last week. Just a bit.

Still, if the oil looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably Crisco.


8 thoughts on “Day 7: The Never-ending Quest for Health

      1. Not my first choice, but the ruler of the roost is convinced of its health benefits even over canola and olive oil. What’s a simple guy to do???


  1. I love coconut oil – but I know it is hard to accept using it. I was most excited to see your jar as I have just returned from aholiday in the USA where I fell in LOVE with trader joe’s.. wish we had it (and wholefoods) here in Australia. I’ll post some recipes using coconut oil at my blog cookingwithonehand over the next week or 2


    1. Just visited your wonderful country a few months ago. We loved it. Maybe you should open a Trader Joe’s franchise there? I agree that they are doing something special and doing it well. Looking forward to your recipes. Thanks for stopping by..


  2. Not many coconuts growing in CA or TX. If you grew up in the South Pacific, maybe coconut oils would be sound nature. Regarding the weight loss & baggy pant, the Mrs. said that I cannot do this Virgin Diet thing, as I cannot get any lighter/thinner. Going with the Mom’s assessment that the diet would reduce gas, I suggested that if I had less gas, I would be denser and therefore weight more. Dense logic. No browny-points for me. Okay, Stanely, Move It On Over, the Big (Little) Dogs moving in….


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