Day 6: The Never-ending Quest for Health

We recently watched a show on America’s Best Sandwiches. With one exception, they were all disgusting. And even that one – from Austin, Texas so you knew it would be good – could not be as great as the sandwich my son had today

The Truly Best Sandwich
The Truly Best Sandwich

I liked my salad a lot

Second best
Second best

but I kept my eyes on his sandwich the entire meal. Wouldn’t you?

Now the question you should really be wondering about is this: Why, if you are on such a strict diet, Marsha, are you eating in restaurants so often?

Good question.


12 thoughts on “Day 6: The Never-ending Quest for Health

    1. Great sandwiches at a great price – it’s so American! Stanley, the husband/Dad, had a BLT that I refused to photograph, but not because it wasn’t the best BLT around, because it was just too decadent – 10 slices of crispy bacon. Thanks for stopping by, Frugoal


    1. And with such a bunch of great restaurants around, why wouldn’t I? I’m thinking of doing a month of restaurant eating and then a month of eating at home and comparing the cost (time and money) … any guesses exactly which will win???


      1. unfortunately for the adventurous taste buds, pricing alone says Home. But thats no fun, and certainly in retirement, we owe ourselves some splurging!


  1. Actually, yes, I was about to ask you how often you eat out. Part of the discipline of your food meditation might be increasing your mindfulness about what you order and consume, when someone else assembles and selects the portions for you. Or, you might consider the benefits of home cooking… I’ll have another fish sandwich, potato salad, guauc, and some of the pretzels, please.


    1. It’s a tough balance, between Stanley’s needs (extra pizza portions and all-you-can-eat buffets) and Me, Marsha (1/4 pound grilled albacore.) But I want to argue (against a HUGE consensus) that restaurant eating doesn’t have to be overkill. Don’t know if I’ll win that one….


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