Day 5: The Never-ending Quest for Health

So I know you can’t eat butter in this Virgin diet, but can you eat beurre? I sat in a very nice restaurant debating whether I really needed to scrape off that wonderful-smelling sauce or if I could eat it (AKA cheat.) The restaurant turned out to be a really great combination of Central Cal Cuisine and French (hence the beurre,) so I could tell that the sauce was worth tasting. I had done so, so well with everything else on the menu and had been so, so good sticking to the drill these past couple days, I just wasn’t sure which way this would go. I’d already passed the bread basket to Stanley, who had been quite pleased. Since there was a sweet little array of boutique bread in the basket and yummy stuff to dip it into, I’d already paid a tremendous sacrifice.

Even the view was outstanding, and the weather spectacular. How could I ruin the day, whichever choice I made?

Photo courtesy of Mom
Photo courtesy of Mom

12 thoughts on “Day 5: The Never-ending Quest for Health

  1. You are good! I have to tell you that I lost over 15 lbs two years ago by eating less carbs, like bread, pasta and rice. The less I ate of these the more I lost…and the better I felt…but later started giving myself permission to eat more of these life’s treats…and some of the weight has returned. I’m thinking of being good soon again, maybe after Xmas 🙂


    1. Congratulations. It’s a tremendous effort, isn’t it? I am being comforted by some friends who tell me that after these 21 days, I can eat some things, like sprouted wheat and whole grain. And your idea of purging every year or so is a great one, since I can’t imagine life without chocolate.


  2. That sounds good to me. I made soup last night with chicken broth, left over chopped vegies from the night before when I made an omlet, left over rice, and Quinoa (new thing) which came from Trader Joe’s. Turned out pretty good. Oh — you’re not suppose to have eggs? Also, try Trader Joe’s Coconut Butter Body Cream. Yummy.


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