Day 3: The Never-ending Quest for Health

It’s not so hard to dig out grated cheese from a field of lettuce. Our favorite Mexican Food restaurant serves a wonderful Pollo Asado Salad. The Virgin Diet is dairy-free for the first 21 days, so I had remembered on our visit today to ask for salsa instead of their wonderful avocado dressing. It wasn’t the avocado that was offensive – it was the sour cream that hides behind the other flavors. But I had forgotten the cheese sprinkles that come on top. So I pulled them off. No big deal. One by one. Even the little hidden squigglies under the lettuce. No big deal. Really.

The big deal was not being able to begin the meal with the best tortilla chips known to man. I thought that being without pretzels was going to be the most difficult part of this diet venture, but there the chips lay, right in front of me, reminding me of the great texture and perfect taste. The salsa sitting beside the chips, I could eat, but how was I going to get the salsa into my mouth without the chip?

Stanley was no help. He grabbed the entire bowl over to his side of the table and moaned with delight at each crunch.

At least the day provided one brilliant discovery:

Sparklingly wonderful
Sparklingly wonderful

I drink a lot of clear tea, but not a lot of water. So, for at least these 21 days, I had to find a way to drink more water. Perrier with lime to the rescue!


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