Day 2: The never-ending quest for health

Not just red meat, but coconut milk and coconut oil: Things I had thought were really bad things are now on my list of acceptable foods.

Of course, so are all the usual vegetables, and in quantity. I had decided that the beef could wait until Thursday’s farmers’ market, when I can buy grass-fed beef from a local rancher. I’ve bought it before for Stanley, who gave it a thumb’s up. But I found some at Trader Joe’s and decided to surprise Stanley with beef hamburger in his tacos.

Maybe it took me some time to remember how to prepare beef hamburger,

Not what you do with beef
Not what you do with beef

but I thought that the result was pretty good.

“What’s wrong with the hamburger?” he said as soon as he saw it, cooked with farmers’ market peppers and onions, and waiting on the stove.

I didn’t know what to say to someone who could immediately see the difference between grass-fed and old-style hamburger. We ate, and there was nothing wrong with the hamburger. But I must say, my first foray into red meat after so long was dwarfed in significance next to the realization that my husband of more than 30 years had a talent I’d never realized: hawk-eyed red meat know-it-all.

But the diet is just fine.


7 thoughts on “Day 2: The never-ending quest for health

    1. I’m not the expert – that’s Stanley. He ate three good-sized tacos, so I’d say it tasted real enough. Since it was mixed up with other good things, we’ll have to wait until Thursday to get some rib-eye and have Stanley do a true taste test. As for me – after more beef-less decades than I care to admit, I was happy to survive the meal in one piece. Thanks for stopping by, Angie.


  1. i rarely cook with ground hamburger these days for whatever reason. i have used grass-fed once and really enjoyed it but i think that you must be careful not to overcook it or it turns into a horrible dried out monstrosity no longer known as food.


    1. Hah! Obviously, Stanley saw a difference, but he didn’t let that spoil his appetite. I think this one had a fairly high fat-content, which probably helped with the moistness, but should have been rather suspicious. Shouldn’t grass-fed be less fat??? I enjoyed your comment. Thanks, Jess


  2. You are on the slippery slope to goat meat! Great stuff! Very lean, just like deer meat. Which is another slippery slope in the red-meat world. Check your local Hispanic grocery store for supplies. We made burgers with 1 lbs beef, 1 lbs lamb, and 1 lbs seasoned pork, this week. Yum!


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