Day 1: The never-ending quest for health

I am in good health. Maybe I should just be thankful and go about my merry way, doing all the basically good things I have been doing all along. I love veggies, don’t eat red meat, get lots of exercise. I sleep well. I am as happy as the world will let me be. But we all have some things that might could use some fixin’. Me, too.
Enter the book that my aunt recommended.

recommended reading
recommended reading

It is written as if the author is giving a sales pitch. I’d already bought the book, so she really didn’t have to keep up the spiel. ‘Drop 7 foods, lose 7 pounds, just seven days,’ she kept on saying. I kept thinking about my pretzels. But a promise is a promise, and I had told myself I would give this a try.
It started out with almond milk, instead of soy, in my coffee.

liquid almonds?
liquid almonds?

No big deal. In fact, I have such great coffee, maybe I should just drink it plain.

All day long, I stayed away from bread, dairy, sugar, and soy. All day long, I stayed away from the pretzel jug.

And the day ended with a bowl of freshly-made applesauce topped with chopped nuts and cloves. Really, truly, this day was not all that different from most of my days.

But tomorrow… tomorrow I have to figure out how to begin to include red meat into my diet after several decades of abstinence. Red meat??? In a diet that proclaims itself healthy? We’ll see.
But Stanley will be very pleased.


8 thoughts on “Day 1: The never-ending quest for health

  1. I was also persuaded to read the Virgin Diet Book. I took what I wanted out of it and tried a few suggestions, but I’m leery of the diet and don’t have that desire to mess with my life style. I liked my soy creamer, but discovered that Lactose free milk is pretty good. It’s just that the gallon jugs are hard to get a small hand around and they are heavy. Some times I can find quart size. It cost more to produce, but it sure is easier to handle. Then here is the sprouted bread recommended. Good choice.. And I love the dried tart cherries with a handful of almonds..
    I bought some green beans yesterday and will cook them to death with bacon and garlic tomorrow. What would you suggest to put with it? Left over baked potatoes skin with cheese, nuts. , onions, and, a cup of tea. That should do it. Do you think I will be boood out of the Society?


  2. My read (or conversations with said aunt, aka mother) is that the processed foods, which include those 7 to elimiate, are the devil. Yes, some people have degrees of alergic reactions to some of these 7 sins, but most of us will go to hell sooner for letting someone else, in a factory miles away and months previously, put together the ingredients for us. Of course, working in health care, my gallows humor assessment is that if we do not die from accidents or cardio-vascular disease, we will have much more torturous deaths from cancer, diabetes complications, and dimentia. Linda read in a book about using home milking, whether you consume raw milk products (extra health benefits and risks) parallels whether you wear seat-belts. Keep up driving at 55 mph. 🙂


  3. It’s a crazy attempt to control life, isn’t it? I’ll blame Mother Suzanna if it doesn’t work, and take full credit if it does. I must confess that I couldn’t have any chips today at Lolo’s Mexican restaurant, and that did not please me at all. 19 days to go – I’ll stick with it, if nothing else than for the joy of pretzels and chips when it’s over. Tell Linda that the only place I drive without a seat belt is in the Costco parking lot. Ahh – the joy of that moment of reckless freedom.


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