Day 0 – The never-ending quest for health

Today is the day before the first day of my attempt to become younger, better, happier. All this home renovation has left me with a real need to get ahold of my health before it disappears forever. During this remodel, I’ve been neglecting good eating habits. There’ve been too many strokes with a paintbrush, too many bags of rocks to carry, too many long days that lead to short-meal-prep-time. We haven’t been eating ‘fast’ food, but we haven’t been eating slow food, either. Let’s call it going nine miles above the speed limit – you won’t get pulled over, but you’re way off the limit. I haven’t noticed weight gain so much as I’ve noticed a crumby disposition. Several family members have tried a particular ‘diet’, with some good results. Stanley, the human humingbird, eats whatever he wants whenever he wants and never pays any consequences. So this 21-day health challenge isn’t for him. It’s for me, Marsha. Maybe I’ll find out what’s ailing me.

I’d been wondering for awhile whether I had a wheat intolerance. Since my daily dose of these

love at first sight
love at first sight

is massive and brings me great happiness, having to do without wheat may be a life-changer. Still, good health is a good thing, even if it means life without pretzels. … Did I really just say that?????

And maybe it wasn’t wise, but I spent this Day 0 doing things I won’t be able to do for three weeks.

I had this

How can honey be bad?
How can honey be bad?

as I do every day. It’s not the honey that is bad, but the quantities I consume. Two cups a week can be a problem, I’m told.

I also had this

cheese, glorious cheese
cheese, glorious cheese

And this morning, in my coffee, for the last time this month, I poured something I never thought might be bad

soy, soy bad for you
soy, soy bad for you

We’ll see how it goes. I’m willing to do some things for health, but give up pretzels??? Maybe that’s going too far.


9 thoughts on “Day 0 – The never-ending quest for health

  1. Good Luck! Your pretzels are my chocolate; never gonna’ happen! Now, let’s see, 3 # of chocolate chips equals 1 batch of cookies or 1# of fudge.

    Good luck!


  2. Is that a recipe or a diet formula?? Thank goodness I never really follow instructions, or I would have quit already. The author of the book this diet is based on has specific expectations, but I always interpret that as something between good information and something aimed at someone else. I like to think my attitude is something like driving safely rather than staying at 55mph.
    Thanks for the encouragement
    Now, I must go get some chocolate.


  3. I saw and was tempted by those barrels of pretezels recently, but contained myself, as they were not left open to the public. You did have whole-wheat buns for the fish sandwiches. Maybe, just go with the fresh fish filets broiled without the breading for now.


  4. So, you are being propagandized by Mama Suzanna. I go this route with tongue in cheek. Good information I interpret on my own terms. I did like your pretzels. I hope you will add some chocolate chips like Barney says. Or maybe a hamburger!


      1. oops! I shouldn’t have said that. My sister knew how I felt when she persuaded me to read the book. I’m suppose to give it to B & B?? Also, I’m too old to change all of my life style.
        By the way, I did cook the green beans last night and they were delicious with rice and chicken breast. So I think my diet will stand the test of time.


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