Bungalow Done-galow

Once upon a time, there was a small bungalow in a beachside town on the prettiest stretch of Highway One. It had a for-sale sign and promise. Perhaps we were the only ones who saw the potential, and perhaps we took on a bit more than was wise. But with the last bit of flooring in the laundry room, our bungalow became a finished product.

Stanley's Labor
Stanley’s Labor

We hadn’t thought our new home would change that much. A new door here, a new floor there, a lot of cleaning. But as we grew to love this little place, we decided it deserved better. And so began a year of one better thing after another. After another…

I picked one shot to sum it all up. We started with this:

won't open, can't close
won’t open, can’t close

and ended up with that:

same view, new everything else
same view, new everything else

…and here we are, happily ever after.


17 thoughts on “Bungalow Done-galow

  1. Some of the worst places end up being the absolute best repurposing projects. Congratulations to you and Stanley for the vision and the labor. Well done


  2. For all the hard work that you done.. For up grading window and flooring. at last you made it. I’m salute on you and to your crew.


      1. We’ll try. Right now I’m glad we bought an extra can of our wall paint because this past week has seen some serous scraps and scratches. Thanks for sending support. *grin*


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