Floor Me 2

Laminate, tile, hardwood, carpet, vinyl. I’ve lived on top of it all. In the bungalow, I’ve lived on top of plywood for a good long time. No one heard complaints, much, because even the plywood was a great improvement over the moist cold air coming up from the crawl space beneath.

But it was time for decisions about what to put on top of that plywood, and I’m not talking about the throw-rugs I put down to pretend we were done completely with the renovation. Since I had declared the bungalow a grout-free zone, tile was out. We had a store-house full of laminate, but Stanley vetoed that in the bathroom, just in case I splash three times a day crawling out from those long baths. Moisture-resistant, water-repelling, easy-to-clean. I started looking into vinyl.

Turns out it is also easy to install.

so easy even Marsha can do it
so easy even Marsha can do it

7 thoughts on “Floor Me 2

  1. I don’t know much about vinyl, but the photo has a destinct cubist feel to all the panels of color & shadow. Picaso would have added a nude woman, all distorted in angles. Any of those in your bathroom? 🙂


  2. We put bamboo-look flooring down in our master bath and it looks fabulous. Got it on sale from Home Depot and possibly one of our best home renovation decisions. It took an hour. That’s my kind of home reno project!


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