Wink, Blink and Nod

“Winkin’ and Blinkin’ and Nod one night
Sailed off on a wooden shoe
Sailed down a river of crystal light
Into a sea of dew”  (by Eugene Field)

the best medicine
the best medicine

If you know this song, then you know the whimsical side of the truth. Some things in life are real, some are imagined, and most are a splendid mixture of the two.

Take the paint I have planned for the bathroom. Sometime, when I am good and ready to make a decision, my bathroom will be a soft mix of green and grey – or maybe yellow and coral – or some other creation that will occur to me when the time is right. And I swear to you, that paint will be on that bathroom wall one day. Probably after the tiles, those perfect ones I will find on the half-price table, get fastened to the wall above the vanity.

Or the metallic squares that will – honest to goodness – adorn the kitchen backsplash sometime in the not-too-distant future. They will be soft green. Or maybe deep brushed nickel. Sitting, as they will, atop the counter, my kitchen will glow with classy softness after I clean and set things away at the end of an evening.

The steps leading to my roof-top viewing deck will wander a bit. A zig, and then a zag around the cottage door will lead you with nearly effortless steps onto the platform that will let you watch the crest of the wave, a blow from the whales in March, or the lilt of a boat passing by. I can almost see the view now if I stand on my tip-toes and make a wish for the wind to blow the tree branches.

Yes, this will all happen in real life. Why wouldn’t it? As sure as Stanley is my husband and Sadie is my dog. I am Marsha. Why would I lie?


16 thoughts on “Wink, Blink and Nod

  1. The universe will tell you when its time, and will then always pick out the perfect design, the best color. Great post


  2. We have boxes of tiles stored under furniture awaiting various projects in the queque! Our first tiles were from the kitchen bathroom floors, about 18 years ago, simple 6″ unglazed red. Most of those have been used up. Next were earthy green tone 12″ tiles in the no-longer-spa room (another story), of which two boxes were broken when we opened the boxes. I’ll make a coffee table with them some day. We travelled in Spain shortly before moving here full time. Our dinning room has 12″ and 6″x12″ tiles that reminded us of the rusty tile floors that we saw all over Spain. While in Spain, we found various decorative 8″ tiles that we collected. I hand carried them in a lunch box on the plane, inlcuding running from one end of the Philadelphia airport to the other to miss our connecting flight… felt like hauling 20 lbs of rock on a 1 mile run. Those went up in our downstairs workroom as the backsplash to the slop sink. Our downstairs bathtub is the “marsh”, for Linda found tlles that had grass and bugs on them. Our county has an annual Heritage Weekend, with local historic homes open for touring. Each year one home is featured on a tile. We have been collecting those for the past couple of decades…. Tile, tile everywhere. Some people think our place is rather cluttered. 🙂


    1. ’tile, tile everywhere’.. even in boxes under your couches! I must admit, I have relented in my quest for a grout-free home. The kitchen counter has to go, and tile will be there……..someday.
      Congratulations on making your home exactly for you and Linda, exactly the way you want it.


    1. Thank you so much for noticing the ‘laugh’ sign. And just think – because you didn’t rush in and finish the project, you’ve allowed all the tile companies to catch up with your design prowess, and now they are offering all sorts of wonderful splashy tiles. Good planning!


  3. Fun to know that you, too, enjoy living in creative whimsy. Darn if it keeps my productivity down, though. Oh well, as you said, this will all happen in real life. Why wouldn’t it? 😉


    1. You can always do what I do: believe that the whimsy itself is part of the product. And anyway, I’ve seen the beautiful photos you post. I don’t think you have to worry about productivity – one meal like yours, and you can rest on your whimsical laurels for a long, long time!


  4. Marsha, I think we have painted my daughter’s room six times during her 16 years – I can recall the lavendar, the blue, the yellowish green, the orange, the black (one wall which she used to write chalk sayings with her friends) and now yellow. Painting is one of the best “do-overs” in life. Have fun. BTG


    1. Lucky girl, your daughter! I once tried to coax my sons to paint flowers around our family room wall, and only the neighbor boy took me up on my suggestion. And you are so right – we did-it-over quite soon after. Fun.


  5. We did our master bath in a pale blue with white vanity, tub, and white 16″ subway tiles in the shower. The flooring is a bamboo vinyl that went down in one piece. We carried the blue into the bedroom and did a wall in green bamboo textured wallpaper. It looks fab. As we have a south facing living and kitchen area I’m going to go bold and do the entire space in…bright white!


    1. Love your color choices. Our place is so small, we stayed with a vanilla-y white until we got to the baths – ‘palm breeze’ a soft, soft green. Haven’t you done a wild accent color somewhere? I’m thinking of a tiny raspberry accent in the kitchen (maybe) (or maybe a chartreuse – remember that color??)


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