The Cost of Keeping Warm

Figuring the cost of all this reconstruction has melted my otherwise logical brain synapses into a tangled mush. I should attempt a budget. I should. I’ve done them before.

But the mild weather along the Central Coast distracts me. It must also have distracted all the former owners, to the point that no one had insulated the bungalow. Who needs to insulate against a low of 50 degrees F?

Me, Marsha. In the process of spending a long day scrabbling on his belly like a lizard between the low roof and the high ceiling, Stanley made only one mistake. As he painstakingly lay out the 4-inch deep sheets of insulation, one of his elbows slipped. A hole in the ceiling ensued.

ensuing hole
ensuing hole

So the insulation didn’t cost all that much. But shouldn’t we have to figure in the cost to repair the ceiling? You tell me. My brain cells are tired. But no longer quite so cold at night.


5 thoughts on “The Cost of Keeping Warm

  1. Poor Stanley, tried to good and look what happened. If that had been my Stanley there would have been three holes not just one. Good luck patching the hole.


  2. A few years back, at a renewable energy display, an organization was demonstrating how to make insulation from empty plastic soda bottles and plastic bags. Basically, stuff the bags into the soda bottles, then build these into the wall/ceiling. They were using this technique in developing countries, where they did not have the DYI big box stores, and lots of bottles and plastic bags because they do not have trash collection. Thus, you could be tossing all those plastic bottles, stuffed with plastic bags up into the attict! Add the #2 pencils while you are at it.


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