Writing contest for everyone

Deadline:  March 31st, 2013
1st Place Prize-$200,  2nd Place Price-$150,  3rd Place Prize-$75
Honorable Mention Certificates
Entries must include the first line “A perfect storm.”
 OR be based on that theme:
Interpret as broadly as you like.
Entry Fee – $10 per entry
You may enter in more than one category and with as many entries as you like.
Go to http://www.slonightwriters.org for payment and contest information.
SHORT STORY/MEMOIR 750 max word limit – must be double spaced and, where applicable, will be judged on:  1)Beginning/Ending,  2)Character,  3)Dialogue,  4)Narrative Voice & Point of View,  5)Description of Setting, 6)Emotional Impact,  7)Plot / Story Arc,  8)Use of Language
POETRY 40 line max limit – may be creatively spaced and formatted and, where applicable, will be judged on:  1)Power/Emotional Impact,  2)Message,  3)Form and Flow,  4)Use of Language
All rights belong to the author.  SLO NightWriters may request permission
to announce and publish the winning entries on its website and other media.
Our judges are published authors, teachers, librarians, and laureates.
Complete Rules and Format Guidelines are found below or visit http://www.slonightwriters.org
Questions?  Contact us: nightwriterscontest@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Writing contest for everyone

      1. I have a finalized version ready to send off, but could not figure out from the website how to send it. The cover letter description refers to sending it by e-mail, but I could not find an e-mail address. Am I looking in the wrong place?


      2. After a more careful review, I found the link to the slonightwriter’s contact list. If you have any influence, you might mention that on their cover letter info, they might repeat the e-mail address, for those who are part of the club.


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