Left-over Madness

always better the second time around

Whether yours is a large or small celebration, you’re likely to have dealt with extra food this past week. Much as I like cooking, and much as I enjoy gathering around a table, I have a better time when I’ve cooked the turkey twice.

This past weekend, Stanley suggested turkey gravy over mashed potatoes. The homemade cranberry sauce had disappeared. The bread for sandwiches had all been accounted for – in various sandwiches over the first 24 hours after the feast. Yet there was still enough turkey for Stanley’s request.

Being frugal, I relish leftovers, but I have a rule about them. Reheat once, then toss. Roasted turkey, though, used again in a completely different dish rests somewhere in-between new and not old. Our turkey gravy over mashed red potatoes was so good I classified it new and stashed the left-over for another meal sometime.

Probably today.


5 thoughts on “Left-over Madness

  1. We will be having turkey tonight. Thanksgiving meal comes whenever I feel like baking a turkey breast, and since we did vegan last week, this week we will have roast turkey.


  2. As we had Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, then Thanksgiving dinner in Chinatown in D. C. Thursday, you can imagine what Friday tasted like! Turkey-beef-peapods over mash potatoes and fried rice. No fortune cookies, but 4 types of pie went over well.


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