Love Letters to Women I Don't Know -1

Community Supported Agriculture and a little love

denesse Willey, I don’t know you but I love you. You have made such a difference in my life. When I began to order a weekly box of produce from your farm in Madera, I didn’t know that inside each box would come a printed sheet that would add flavor, good health and fun to my table. I don’t know why you generally use a lower case for your first name, but such is my respect for your foodly advice, I assume you have well-thought out reasons for everything you do.

If I made good use of the vegetables in the CSA (community supported agriculture) box from your farm, you can take the credit. You sent me produce, but you also sent me directions for their use. Otherwise, when orange beets arrived, I might have decorated my porch with them. When okra showed up uninvited one week, I might have given them to the neighbor’s dog, instead of adding them to my veggie saute. The recipes that you sent along with the harvest from your farm gave me instructions and encouragement and, most of all, success.

I have moved away from your neighborhood but if I could still have your Willey boxes delivered to my home, I would. I still buy fresh and local, but no one gives me kitchen clues as you did. Today, I dug out my collection of your recipes, delivered with each of the boxes I had received, and once again felt the love. Kholrabi hash browns and Cajun Okra, here I come.

I’ve moved away from you, denesse, but others now join me in owing you a debt of loving gratitude. Here on the central coast, when I buy fresh basil, the local farmer has you to thank. If the young fellow who sells the world’s sweetest carrots at my local farmer’s market thanks his lucky stars, you, denesse, are one. Since that first Willey box, I am now committed to purchasing local produce, from fresh herbs at the market to my beloved local raw honey, you get the credit for starting me on that path. Stanley, especially, owes you a grateful nod for the sweet and sour stir fry that often fills his plate.

Stanley’s favorite

I send you my love and gratitude, denesse, and hope there are many more Marshas in your world today.


15 thoughts on “Love Letters to Women I Don't Know -1

  1. I have heard of Communit Supported Agriculture co-operatives. Great idea to include recipe suggestions. On a more informal basis, we do this with friends who come give a weekend of labor in our garden. We send them home with fresh goodies. Keep supporting the farmer’s market.


    1. Looking at the date, I see you must already have it. Wonderful memories – I’m sure you enjoy it enormously! Don’t you love the ‘surprise’ moment when you open it up and all that good stuff is revealed?
      I have to agree about kohlrabi – I think I remember planting one because I had to do something with it, and was just out of ideas.


    2. I’ve been trying to figure out how to message you, but have failed! I wanted you to know we were in Fresno during your Cayucos vacation. Hope you had a wonderful time. Please let me know whenever you’re in the area – I’d love to get together.


  2. denesse was also a supplier to our home with weekly deliveries of outstanding veggies and fruits. We do miss those deliveries, but the hook she set in us for fresh, local produce cannot be removed, in fact, we’ve gone one step further to as much truly organic foods as we can. There’ve been lots of articles (Supported by the food manufacturers and Monsanto, Im sure) that there is no nutrutional difference in organics. Perhaps. But they sure taste better and are not poly-saturated with chemicals!


    1. Every facet of community-supported agriculture is delicious. The folks from the bigger industries can say whatever they like – I have become a good cook, and it’s only the produce that changed (well, and a couple of recipes from denesse).


    2. Monsanto–bad word around here. I call it farming by chemistry. As I travel Hwy 152 to the bay area on an almost weekly basis, I look out on all those tanks of chemicals, set up in fields, pouring more and more poison into our soil. And water supply as it all seeps through. My dad died of leukemia and I know it was caused by all the chemicals he inhaled while farming. We don’t even use a pest control company for the bugs around here. That’s how much I hate chemicals.


      1. Or highway 41/46 to the southern coast, and all the destroyed fields from overfarming and chemicals. And Calif. voters had the stupidity to vote down Prop. 37.


  3. Yesterday I did a boo-boo on my computer and today I paid to have it fixed! Worth it. Decided to check the latest, if there were any, and found all these bloggs. Tech. is not so bad guys.


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