Tea Totaler

It’s all about the Earl.

A bit ago, a blogging friend, Momma E (http://dje1231.wordpress.com/) sent me ‘Twelve Questions’, a fun game of self-revelation. Except that I answered the questions all wrong. Like leaving out Earl Grey Tea, my true favorite drink. It’s one of the most important things in my life.

Several of my passwords contain my favorite drink. It has been featured prominently on my blog. It has been poured into my life for years. I never drink water except when it is Earl Grey Tea. If I am relaxed, the full credit goes to Earl Grey. I am a tea-totaler.

Another blogging friend, Barney (http://mountainperspective.wordpress.com/) has been tackling some very tough political issues. Tough enough that I have taken to emitting long sighs of concern when I think of the effort he puts into research and the heartbreak when he must write of our many wrong-doings.

I’m glad he does all that work for me. But I worry about his well-being. With so many issues to write about, does he get enough sleep? With so many business bad guys out there, how can he keep on being the good guy? It’s tough to be the BetterBusinessBureau of the blogging world, but he somehow does it. And that’s just one of the hats he wears. Wait until you hear what he has to say about Mittens’ choice of a running mate. ‘Cause you know he will have plenty to say. I know this man to be of steady and sound mind, but everyone needs a break now and then.

So I am recommending him to Earl Grey Tea, with my first Tea-Totaler Award. The award is to be given to the blogger who has earned a relaxing tea break. Replenish the hot water and the cool mind at the same time. Add a spoonful of raw organic honey (if you can afford it) and not only are you doing yourself, but the planet a favor. Why not? You earned it. An hour or two (or three) with a steamy sipping-drink at your side will give you a respite so that when this political season rolls around, we won’t lose you to the exhaustion that comes from having to watch over so much ridiculousness.

Here are a few of the places where you, my friend, can enjoy this reward: (roll your mouse over the photos)

Pure and true, like you

In your favorite place

hiding with the flora

At the end of the day

You tea-totally deserve it.