Why AT&T Sucks

It’s not that they give you an appointment two weeks away when you want internet now. It’s not that they give you a 4-hour window during which a technician should arrive, then doesn’t. It’s not that when you call to ask why the technician hasn’t called or come by, they keep you on hold for thirty minutes figuring out what went wrong with your ‘order.’ It’s not that you have to call back after an hour when you still haven’t received the promised visit. It’s not even that after they figure out what went wrong, they complain that the appointment – the one they selected for you – was right after a weekend, and work gets back-logged, you understand. It’s not that they ask for your patience ten times. It’s not that you want to tell them that you don’t care about the difference between copper wire and fiber-optics, but with all the background noise, you know you’ll never be understood. It’s also not so much that they so obviously instruct their phone people to never, ever give a direct answer or say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ The thing that really sucks about AT&T is that they are still the cheapest deal around and so we all put up with their laughably incompetent customer service.


10 thoughts on “Why AT&T Sucks

  1. A beautiful summary. Wonder how those classes go, anyway, because it does take practice to be consistently evasive. Must be high turnover, too, learning how to act like a dolt. Hear you and know the pain of AT&T.


    1. I couldn’t quite figure out which country AT&T had out-sourced their telephone calls to. Poor souls tried their practiced polite apology, and seemed truly amazed at my response, “I don’t care if you’re sorry. I just want internet.”


  2. Take my appointment, please! Two weeks ago my son informed me that he was getting internet service from AT&T at his new appartment in Southern California. On the perscribed day, I recieved a call from the installers who were at my house waiting to install my cable TV and internet! I told them that I didn’t order the service and when the installer set up a three way call with the cancelation department, I realized they were calling me by my son’s name. I explained that my son used my address when setting up his billing information for his cell phone, but he no longer lived at the address. My son now has his cable and internet installed and I get daily calls and text from AT&T asking me to reschedule my appointment. Grrrrrrr.


  3. I love Comcast. They gave me a nice number to remember. Only thing was, I got my nice new number mixed up with my nice new zip code. I will not tell you what it is, but when you have a bunch of 94’s & 95’s to put in the right places it does get confusing. When the installer came to install my nice new service I was informed that my password would be SWIMHELP. I was sure there was some mistake or it was written on the order wrong. Now understand, the room was crowded with packing boxes to the ceiling. I’m sure the guy felt sorry for me. I’ve never needed SWIMHELP. Time passed, and I was happy with my new number and learned to get the 94’s & 95’s in the right places. Then the inevitable happened. I needed a new computer. Understand that PC’s don’t last forever, and I was really thrilled with my expensive new gadget, but when it came to connecting to the internet I needed a new password. I am now known as PASTJUMP! Can you imagine that? I think I will go swimming for help and jump out of the past. Happy AT&T.


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