Sadie and I were sitting outside eating pretzels and almonds, and shaking hands. Or paws. The breeze started up and the wooden chimes began their hollow tinkling. I had just brought them from Fresno, and the sound itself made me look around this new-to-me patio and feel like I belonged.

Usually, I am a smell person. Basil, fresh corn tortillas. It doesn’t matter how much of either I have at home. If I walk by fresh basil at a farmer’s market, a fat bunch will come home with me. At the supermarket, I try to avoid the tortilla display at the end of the aisle, because I know I already have three dozen in the fridge and three times that many in the freezer. I smell it, I buy it.

Sounds, for me, are too often an annoyance. Loud TV. Car motors. One reason I dislike going to the movies is that the volume is always a zillion times louder than I need. Years ago, when I took a hearing test for the Peace Corps, the hearing technician told me to stop him when I heard the first sound. I heard the sound. I stopped him. He told me I could not have heard that sound. I told him I did. He tried it again and I heard it that time, too.

The gentle rocking motion of the wooden chimes is calming, and as the sticks softly clack against each other, it’s a pleasant sound I hear. It’s a home sound.


13 thoughts on “Sounds

  1. I now have three wind chimes in our backyard pear tree. I love to hear them. I would really like a set with the great big pipes but they are far too expensive and I’m not too sure where I would hang such a large wind chime. You know, the ones with 3 foot pipes!


      1. As I was walking out of Bullard Phamacy today, I saw a selection of wonderfully large wind chimes and touched one to hear its sound. So lovely, it stopped me in my tracks. Oh, to have one of these beautiful sound objects in my backyard. I checked the price tag and quickly exited the store. There was no way I could justify $184.


  2. Hmmm, I’m likely to get in trouble to admitting what sights catch my eye… Let’s just say, some years ago, before computerized time cards, we used to fill out our Time & Attenandance bi-weekly. Thus, every week, I got a chuckle whem a former boss would write on the staff board “Did you get your T & A today?”.


      1. NO! (This is facility wide… on another occasion, in the company newsletter, they published a quote from Anis Nin, something “Life expands and contracts with your courage”. Now, this might seem like a motivating sentiment, unless you know that Anis Nin wrote graphic, erotic short stories in the 1920’s.)


  3. Totally relate to the story of smells and sounds. and tortillas… Tacos are what we had at your house outside Bogota the night we missed the bus back to town and ended up staying…it is nice to know that you are stocked up with the necessary ingredients of life. Wind chimes are just the vehicle for a message…


  4. FREE CHIMES : rusted metal beautifuly hand crafted into modern bells. Mello sounds, sending that certain haunting call to peace. These are coming your way to be loved by you and memorialize the Col. who saw them as master pieces of art work. They need to be at home by the sea.


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