Goodreads Books Galore

I was a winner again. For the third time, I received an email at 12:06 AM letting me know that I was a Goodreads winner. I didn’t rush to my computer at 12:06 AM, even though I truly have been tempted a couple times. I saw the email the next morning. I would be receiving Carla Neggars’ new book free. I like free. Especially when it comes rapidly in the mail the way this book did.

Turns out I am liking Carla Neggars’ book, too. They sent me two: a hard bound of her last book written with the same character, and a paperback of the latest. I had thought of her as a romance writer, but I notice on the front of the paperback is written the word ‘Suspense.’ I like suspense. Carla Neggars. Who knew?


4 thoughts on “Goodreads Books Galore

  1. Congrats on the win. I’ve gotta’ spend more time on goodreads. Although I just posted a review on the latest Caro book about pres. Johnson.

    Ps: I just noticed that Caterpillar… Was my 100 th blog, and August is one year. I blame you for getting me into this habit!! Lol!


    1. I’m reading it too – just a couple chapters into the book now. Her next one “Heron’s Cove” is out in August and they sent an unedited copy along with Saint’s Gate. Have you visited the Goodreads site? I highly recommend it to avid readers. Their ‘giveaways’ are a real treat. And Carla Neggers – I completely agree with you, this book has grabbed me already. If you like mysteries, you might check out my book: If the Boots Fit here’s the link:
      Thanks for stopping by


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