Redoing Sixty Years, One Plank at a Time

Where there are pipes, there are also planks. So far, in the cottage, we have found four different under-layers beneath the flea carpet that is now gone. There was the initial linoleum, a mish-mash design of rock-looking things and metallic gold paint. Before I could put on the disco music, Stanley had pulled that up to reveal the second layer: green and gold fluer-de-lis on older linoleum. Next was the plywood layer. Finally, the sturdy, thick, heavy planks of real wood. They look like they could stand another 60 years. Original hardwood? Is this what design freaks seek out in older homes? I think we will just be grateful to have this durable under-layer and proceed with some sleek, no-holes, well-fitted laminate and be glad for the technology that produced it.


9 thoughts on “Redoing Sixty Years, One Plank at a Time

  1. It’s like a treasure hunt, peeling away the layers and discovering what surprises might lie beneath. I’m glad for your opportunity to create a space that is your own on a 60 year old palette. Well done


    1. Well, it’s not done yet. We nearly melted-down this morning, but Dave the plumber saved us once again. Didn’t you predict more unexpected finds??? Treasure hunt is such an optimistic term. Next time we find a new unwanted surprise, I will look to Stanley and say ‘Hurray, treasure hunt!’


      1. Now you’re getting it! Treasure hunt is a lie, everyone knows its a lie, but calling it what it is is too depressing.


  2. Nothing wrong with the 70’s look if you lived in the 70’s. Now we want all new and clean. Nothing wrong with that when you live in 2012. Never thought I’d see the day. Keep young.


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