Eleven Questions

Thanks to Momma E for tagging me. 

RULES     (Just a warning: I’m a rule-breaker)
1.You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
3. Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
4. Tag (eleven) people with a link to
your post.
5. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

 1.  What is your favorite Sound? Sometimes sounds annoy me – so I’d have to say the quiet in the morning when I get up before anyone else.

2.  When you get to heaven, what’s the first thing God will say to you? No idea

3. Favorite  @%&*U*$%&   word?  “Crap” – it’s pretty inoffensive, but it gets the point across.

4.  Personal Accomplishment that makes you feel the best? Writing a book

5.  Biggest Regret? Sorry, I don’t believe in them

6.  Favorite Drink?  (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)  Cranberry juice and ginger ale, expensive coffee, tart yogurt and orange juice, champagne if friends are near-by

7. What’s the best vacation you ever took? And why?  Cross-country on an Amtrak Train. Family vacation at its best: History, geography, scenery, space and togetherness.

8. What’s the best movie adaptation of a book you’ve ever seen, and why? The Lord of the Ring trilogy – absolutely spectacular images that told the story well.

9.  Describe the person you are closest to in one word. Young

10.  Do you have a hobby, if so – what is it? For the moment, I am helping to restore an old beach shanty or two. By helping to restore I mean that I stand around after people have dug holes and torn out walls and wonder aloud when on earth will my life be simple.

11.  What grinds your gears about people? Too much talk, not enough action

And as a big bonus:  Name 5 things that make you happy!

  1. Sautéing onions and green peppers,
  2. walking to the farmers’ market then smelling things,
  3. coffee with friends and family (even when it’s more often coco juice)
  4. talking with my son
  5. Stanley

If you would like to participate, please post answers to the same questions on your site! (completely against the rules, but what’s the worry?)



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