The Insider by Reece HirschWhile waiting for our first official visit to the bungalow/cottage, I partook in some amusement. Awhile back, a friend introduced me to ‘Goodreads.’ I explored. I liked. I especially liked the free books this website offers in their giveaways. The idea is a good one: publishers and authors send free copies of their books with the hope that whoever receives the book will write a favorable review. Oftentimes, 800 people sign up for 5 free books, so the odds are against winning. I defied the odds.

I won. Perhaps it was the manic way I clicked on every possible selection, a gazillion books I promise to read if only they will send it to me free of charge.

I admit that I was so enamored of this weird free-for-all that I entered my first book ‘If the Boots Fit’ in a giveaway, and have received, happily, three favorable reviews in return. So, it works, just like they promised it might.

Can’t wait to receive, read and review my first Goodreads giveaway book.  Also can’t wait to take that book (or a second one?) to the bungalow and sit out on the deck and read, hot cup of tea at my side.

Update*** I won another book. All those clicks are paying off. Please excuse me as I go click some more in the hopes of filling my summer reading list.


7 thoughts on “I WON

  1. Nothing like a cup of tea, or some kind of “adult” beverage, a good book, and your own deck to make for one of life’s wonderful moments.


  2. Sounds like a BARTER SYSTEM to me! You get a book in exchange for a review (you do not pay cash for the book and they do not pay cash for your writing talents). Right?


    1. Oh Lordy, now you’re going to explain the tax laws of this kind of exchange.
      Actually, goodreads reviews sound an awful lot like what you’re already doing for your community – I bet they got the idea from you!


      1. Actually, if you consider this in the light of Barney’s recent post about “The High Price of Instant Publishing”, the publishing company is getting a great deal… Their review-marketing budget of only 5 free copies is peanuts compared to sending free copies to each national magazine and newspaper, hoping that their reviewer would read it and write a review. Also, you lucky 5 free-book-reviewers are likely to say nice things because you got a free book and you want to say nice things. Magazine and newspaper reviewer tend to have a chip on their shoulder with a bent toward trying to look superior by panning their books they review.

        For full disclosure, the music director gave me 4 comp. tickets to “Fiddler”, in thanks for the reviews that I had written about the orchestra concerts. I did ask that he not tell the students that I would be attending that performance, so that they would not be distracted with the idea that they were being watched. (Duh, it is a play and there were a hundred adoring family members and peers in the audience, too).


  3. More bartering – it’s the absolute best kind of activity for a writing guy. Good for you. Come to think of it – it’s exactly what I will be doing with the free books once they come. I’ll have to think over what you said about tending to be nice with the review… any hints about that one??


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