New Book





“If the Boots Fit” – my first novel – has hit the market. You can get a copy through my publisher:

or through amazon:

Hope you enjoy it!


6 thoughts on “New Book

  1. Hi Susan

    Already have the book. We are going on Vacation to Oregon for two weeks on the beach, and plan to devour the book. Looking forward to it.

    I’ve written a few times, but not sure they are getting through. Hope all is ok



    1. have a great time – what a perfect time of year for that area.
      I’ve been away on a ‘book tour’ (organized by Hermit’s mother), so you’re right – I’m behind on email.
      travel safely


  2. Cuz,

    I’m up to chapter 26! To get a jump on the crowd, I’ve been reading a couple of chapters each evening while Linda drives home from work. Fun ride so far (the book that is). I feel a blog review coming on. I hope this isn’t a compulsion!



    1. Chapter 26!! I’d forgotten the book even HAD that many chapters. SO glad you’re enjoying it. Yours will be my first book review… yikes – that sounds almost as official as ‘book tour’
      tell Linda ‘both hands on the steering wheel’ around those corners


  3. Done! I really enjoyed meeting all of your characters. There was a good tension between several of the people in the story line. I feel like I know El Paso in greater detail because of my time with Grace.

    One question….. does Stanley ever sport a bow-tie? Just wondering where your inspiration comes from? 🙂


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