Well, Funk That

It had to come to a title like this, funk being what it is.

So the story continued, even though the writing did not. Contrary to the rumors, the funk did not kill me. By my third class, I was hooked and loving the simple fun of movement and music. I forgot about arm waggles and the finer points of the samba.

People kept passing by the large glass windows of the defunct business that continues to house our scrubby dance class. They smiled and looked entertained, families with young children and couples on dates.

Life being what it is, I was interrupted by a visit to our college-graduating son, a funeral for a friend, pipes that broke under our concrete foundation, and the impending threat of my book being published. Being retired has been a tangle of things unpredicted, but I have figured out one thing.

The most important muscles to exercise are the ones that help you laugh. And for that, the laughter, things that waggle are some of the best motivators. Laugh, because you will not die of this disease. I am fond of my arm flaps. They remind me I am here, grateful, and continuing to figure out what comes next.

And the funk? I think I’ve pretty much always been funky enough.


20 thoughts on “Well, Funk That

    1. I think you’ve named the next category .. my question is how do you get a body that is used to the go-go-go of our usual crazy American existence to sit back and enjoy?


      1. Can only speak for myself. (Part of aging is accepting that simple issues, like simple answers, are anything but). So I have no universal answers. For me, it is realizing that slowing down, and giving myself permission to do so, which is very important, allows me time to note that the wild poppies in my yard close up at night, and open in the day. I see that spending time with a great book, even one that is difficult to read but rewarding once the light goes on, is also ok. Ironic how some of the same levels of energy are expended, both mental and physical, but return a different reward. Short answer I think, is giving ourselves permission to slow down and re-direct our energies, into whatever we find ourselves interested in.

        Whew! I can go on and on, can’t I. Time allows for that now…


  1. We read a lot about planning for things like school, careers, & retirement. But pipes break, friends pass on, budgets get cut, and opportunities arise, which throws our plans into disarray. Planning isn’t inherently bad, but focus on our plan can keep us from noticing “the moment” when it doesn’t line up with our plan. Planning can also leave us with limited alternatives when something occurs to derail our plan, leaving us stuck. We don’t plan for an earthquake or a tsunami, we prepare. Perhaps it is better to be prepared than planned.

    Perhaps the Funk prepares you for God knows what.


  2. Oh whoa is me. Horror happens. Life sends good with the bad, but we plan for mostly good. The Vicar says prepare, but who prepares to get sick? My answer to that is stay away from the Jelly Belly Factory. 500 hundred howeling kids, buses full of elder folks, and Jelly Belly’s cascading like a thundering waterfall makes for the desire for ear plugs. And they tell you one Jelly Belly candy is only 4 calories. Now who can eat only 1 Jelly Belly candy? I busted the budget and bought a bag of Santa Claus jellies for 1 buck! Apparantly they over made Santa jellies!


  3. Jelly Belly’s have become one of my 4 food groups, replacing pizza, but leaving cinammon, chinese, and chocolate. I also figured that if I ate a handful at a time, (But they can only be licorace or cinammon, none of that peach or cranberry for me) I could trick the body into believing it was only one at a time, thus only 4 calories.


  4. Keep up the laughing. For some really good laughs try an RV vacation with you spouse and mother(-in-law). Yesterday, our RV needed a minor repair for a roof vent that blew off. As a thunderstorm threatened ,the RV company “authorized” us to put a tarp over the vent with duct tape and call back in the morning (any liability issued of asking a renter to climb up on the roof?). I found a good samaritan in a 5th wheeler who had duct tape and a ladder. I had no trouble getting up on the roof to start duct taping a poncho over the vent. A few moments latter, the neighbor was up on the roof, telling the wonders of RV life, how he worked for 42 years teaching, retired, sold the house & has traveled for 5 years with his wife (whom I never saw). Though the repair job took about 5 minutes, I could not get off the roof for 20 because he sat between me and the ladder. Then when I took the ladder back to his place, he showed me his set up, talked about his children and grandchildren for another 20 minutes. When I returned to our RV, Linda and Emily were trying to contain their laughter. Now, I best budget another 30 minutes to replace the roll of duct tape.


    1. Gotta’ believe if I were with your family at the time, I’d likely be rolling of the floor with laughter, also. Gutsy set up for the vacation. What’s that old saying about medical experiments and spending time with extended families–“What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger.” Been there, done that, LOL!


      1. “What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger”. We must be talking about Jelly Bellies, right? I would love to believe that every time I ate a Jelly Belly and survived, I was getting stronger.


  5. I still have a few Santa Jelly Belly’s~~~rationing them! I laughed with you. Thanks. I still say the “sterile motel” is the way to go. And how’s the book coming along?



    1. Time for me to switch over to the Hermit’s blog and read the other RV adventure stories, with a jelly belly or two for company.
      BBMamma – thanks for asking, the book is out in a week or two!


  6. Hey, cuz, Guess what! Zumba has come to our neighborhood at the Lost River Yoga Center (just opened this week). Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. Come visit the mountains and shake your bootie. If you need to stretch out, yoga classes are Friday through Monday mornings. Of course, if all of this is too urban, you can get a work out cleaning the garden, hauling manure, raking leaves, hauling wood, and other farm tasks, instead.


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