Day 5,6,7: Funky Focus

Organization is everything, isn’t it? The Samba forced some choices on me. Reggaeton wasn’t far behind. And Calypso? I am laughing right now just like the creepy man. Whoever thought that such an easy, happy music could give birth to a dance style so difficult I am completely lost in it.

So on Day 5, I made a mental list. Cumbia will be my first focus. Salsa second. When I can manage those, I will graduate myself to something else. I fast-forwarded through the other dance steps on the training section, and just did the best I could on the beginning 20-minute exercise part.

“Best I could” is quite a stretch, but Day 5 and Day 6 were quite successful with my reduced expectations. Cumbia’s basic step is all mine. Two years of traveling the Andes in dusty buses listening to Colombia’s music is paying off. No one else would give me a dancing award, but I now proclaim myself  a Cumbia ‘dancing fool.’

Day 7 brought a good news/bad news result. I reminded myself the real reason I am dancing: arm flap re-do. I have been noticing the muscles along my upper back complaining in a good way. On Day 7, I felt along my upper arms and really think there is a difference. That’s the good news. The bad news is that if my upper arms develop any more muscle, it’s only going to accentuate the poor condition of my arm flaps. Hmmmm..

As I reach for the aguardiente, my arm waggles.


9 thoughts on “Day 5,6,7: Funky Focus

  1. “Dancing Fool”… that sounds like a title from Abba… wait, that was “Dancing Queen”…

    Arm flaps… I suspect that you want to isolate the triceps for a workout. Best way to do this is to lift you arm over your head, bend you elbow so that you touch the back of your neck and then lift your arm up again. Repeat many times.

    Now put on the music, with your arms over you head, and pump them up and down. Wiggle your hips, and other things. People will just call you the Dancing Fool!


    1. Since the word ‘triceps’ is a bit technical, I was very glad to have your description of the movement – I have added it to the workout, using my shake-it sticks. Why is life so complicated?


  2. Depending on the results of the dancing funky Cumbia thing, you could always adopt a local park and prune trees with a hand saw. You’d be helping out the city which can’t maintain the parks due to budget cuts. You’d definitely work the triceps, thereby reducing the waggle. By cutting branches with both your right and left hands, you’d stimulate your brain, thereby fending off the on set of alzheimer’s (at least that’s what the Kaiser commercial says). And some day children would speak fondly of the “eccentric old lady” (their words, not mine) that used to care for the park. This is the thing that legends are made of! Besides, there is a precedent. The Jogging Brain, after moving to a duplex with a little yard took it upon himself to weed the lawn at the city community center. “Death to Dandelions” was his mantra. Retirement really can be a time to give back.


    1. somehow, I think that practicing dementia is an oxymoron – if you can practice at all, clearly dementia is not yours. That’s good news, right?


  3. Marsha,

    I’m up to day 23 on my calendar. How are the tricep presses doing? If you want a good upper body work out you could come up to our place and help dig leaves out the culverts. Pitch forks work best.


  4. You all make me look like a piker. But age prevales. I walked Target today and then had energy enough to walk T.Bear. Now it’s time for the ball players to run the bases for me.

    Oh yes, I even surfed the web today! Cheers.


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