Day 4: Classy Funk

It’s tough when an indoor class competes with outdoor shenanigans. There are a lot of windows along the front of this room. The room itself is actually just a defunct business, renting itself out 3 times a week for us wanna-be dancers. It had been one of those days when nothing really wrong happens, but things just don’t shake out right all day. So my focus wasn’t as sharp as I like it to be.

Then came the inky sky. We had seen it on our drive to class, bearing down on poor rain-drenched Fresno, that spectacular sight that terrifies you with its beauty. Even Salsa music has a hard time competing with this enormous a thunderstorm. Thunder and pitch-black clouds that cover the sky puts you in the mind of the Boston Symphony with kettledrums, not the pinging steel drums of calypso.

Then came the tiny slice of brilliant sunset. And then the filmy light pink streak of lacy clouds that stayed just long enough that you wonder if they were really there, and so beautiful.

Then I saw a man looking at me as I looked at all the wonder outside the class. Twenty women trying to dance and failing can be an interesting sight, so I don’t blame the man for staring. Still, as darkness came to the wet parking lot outside our safe little Cumbia haven, one of the class members commented on the creepy man watching us. Turns out he was someone’s husband, waiting for her to get done being foolish. Ickkk.

It was all a very good thing that there was so much distraction. I sweated, I enjoyed the music, I waved my arms and lifted my feet, but I did not dance.


9 thoughts on “Day 4: Classy Funk

  1. Workout clubs, gyms, wellness centers, whatever we call them have exhibitionist/voyeuristic architecture, from windowed fronts to mirror.

    Maybe the mirrors at least have the pretense of allowing someone to check for correct form. But when I take clients out the the gym to instruct them in how to use equipment and see the “meat heads” (that’s what personal trainers tell me they are called) working out with full intent of watching themselves pump and puff, with really poor form, I just think that I have job security for all the torn biceps and rotator cuff that I will rehab in the future. However, I just tell my clients, “that’s not the technique I want you to imitate…”.

    But back to the workout-in-the windows, I think that someone thinks that people working out have the fantasy that people will think they are so buff that they would be seen. Another clients referred to this dynamic as “creep appeal”, which is what your story illustrated… Can you flail a couple of rows back from the window?


    1. Among my many quirks is the one that makes me pick my spot close to exits. Unfortunately, that puts me right next to the windows. That’s okay. I lost my shyness in hot yoga. But that’s another story..


  2. Marsha – Being retired is starting to sound like a lot of work. In February I started walking to the post office on Saturdays when I was inspired by your blogs about walking to many places close to home, now this! Depending on how things progress for you I may postpone retirement until I feel I have the energy to fully engage in all that is required.


      1. I actually don’t do Zumba, but it’s not because I consider dancing a sin. The only rhythm I display at the gym is the pounding off my feet as I labor on the treadmill. There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about my aerobic exercise.


      2. Around here, the denomination is a five-dollar bill. But the Vicar may find a free class at his YMCA, in which case, he doesn’t have to be any denomination.


    1. Yeah, Stanley and I haven’t quite figured out the retirement pace yet. But we’re getting better. Remember, we began this journey with self-imposed exile in a former Soviet Republic. If you’re making retirement plans, though, I highly recommend you skip the first step and go directly to Zumba. Or to a Caribbean Island.


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