Day 3: Funk Times

Determined to get to the actual dance portion of the DVD, I fast forwarded through 1/2 the instructional steps. After all, in the class we all followed along without each step being broken down into tiny pieces of movement. Well, ‘all followed along’ might be stretching the description somewhat, or stretching it a lot, depending on how strict are your standards for recall. But the class was fun and good exercise. I want that again.

Making compromises is part of life. I may never get to the dance club if I insist on instructional rigor. What I want is rigorous dance. Since the founder of the DVD said to ‘feel the music,’ my skipping to the fun dance part seemed justified. I turned the volume up and tried to tap into my muscle memory.

What muscle memory? It seems to be gone like short term recall. I should have been keeping up with the rhythm of dancing since high school, instead of exercising my brain with jigsaw puzzles. I’d beg for some relief from the jitterbug, but from what I’ve seen, that’s no walk in the park either. Tomorrow is my second class. Fun times? Not yet.


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Funk Times

  1. If it makes you feel any better, there is no physcical motion class ever attended where I end up doing what the instructor/people up front are doing. Ever. Dancing and managing to move while acknowledging the rhythm in some way counts, even if it isn’t fluid yet. Go on and baile, girlie!


    1. In my mind, I am a great dancer. And, I think there’s room for hope, Ann – last night at class, I think all us students raised our arms at the same moment – probably not when the instructor meant for it to happen, but still encouraging.


  2. Jitterbug is a walk in the park when you are 15 or 16. Then came Jack LaLane~~~ON TV! In your own home. No cost!! That started a whole new era in getting fit. All those slim trim examples. We never looked so good. I see it is still going on 55 years later. But we aren’t looking so good anymore.


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