No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 26: in which Marsha contemplates the monetary value of truthfulness.

Mostly, I am keeping this budget for me. I have nothing to lose by being honest. I know what I’ve done, right? But I find myself in a moral dilemma.

I made a mostly philanthropic purchase of two books written by Tiago, a Peace Corps volunteer. The proceeds will help fund his school project. It’s not much, but the FedEx guy was very efficient and dropped it off in February instead of March, as he should have. So, it’s in this month’s budget.

Then, The Hermit reminded me of the Great Lectures series, and because I was already hooked up to internet, I found an opportunity to purchase Russian History at 70% off. It won’t be here until March, but this, too, is a February expense.

Blame it on Tiago and The Hermit. The budget is going through the roof.

today – $49.90 books, $114.98 dvd’s = $164.98 worth of honesty

$164.98 + $1650.83 = $1851.81



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