No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 25: in which Marsha experiences regret.

A few days ago I looked at the amount of money I had spent and made a foolish promise. I am having a truly difficult time honoring my commitment not to spend any more this month.

I could satisfy myself with the daily dose of free wonders: the three deer that walked along the pond path as I walked along the trail, the red-tailed hawk that has decided to be my pathway friend, the small hawk that we’ve figured out is an American Kestral. That should be enough.

Or I could busy myself counting the items we don’t spend money on: massive cable television subscriptions that we can’t possibly watch, the second car we decided not to buy only to find out we are perfectly fine with just one, expensive matching furniture when we wouldn’t appreciate the value.

Instead, I used our thriftiness as an incentive to give myself permission to spend. Thank goodness February is a short month, or this could get ugly.

today $84.13 Target – at least I got a table umbrella that I will use daily when the sun returns after this rain passes through

$84.13 + $1569.70 = $1650.83


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