No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 24: in which Marsha enjoys the curative power of the sun. Again.

I know I live in paradise. I didn’t know that two years ago, even though I am in the same home in the same neighborhood  and the same city. February in Central California is reason enough to celebrate.

This is where I also celebrate the lack of a house payment. I should have reported one this month, right? While I am enjoying the weather, I am doubly fortunate, because I’m also enjoying the lack of that expense in my budget. It’s usually the big one.

I’m not bragging. I’m celebrating the sacrifice Stanley and I made to get that cumbersome chore out of the way before he retired. If you are looking ahead, this is the one biggest way to treat yourself well in the future. So, maybe a little brag.

Today, there are no worries, only sunshine. Which makes me curious. What other expenses are absent from our budget, like the sun of tomorrow, impacting us because of what isn’t there?

today – nothing for the house payment

$0.00 mortgage + $1569.70 = $1569.70


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