No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 23: in which Marsha sees the hawk circling above her and knows fearsome beauty.

Red-tailed Hawks are common here along the bluffs of an old river. In twenty years (minus one) of living here, I’d never before had the time to stop and look. Today’s hawk had pounced on a huge grey heron that wisely raced back to it’s family and protection. Then the hawk came after me.

At least that’s how it seemed. It glided round and round, thirty feet above me on my walking trail, and I know that it was sizing me up for dinner. Or Sadie, strapped to me by a leash around my waist. That hawk bragged to us about its beauty, showing the feathered underside, then tipping to let us see the magnificent spread of its shoulders. I know these creatures can be held on my hand, but at that moment, I was in fear of claws ripping into my shoulders and carrying me away, Sadie dragging along behind. Fear and beauty in a retired moment that I waited twenty years for. Try to put a dollar value on that.

Three tiny purple flowering bulbs and seven jonquils reminded me to go to the nursery to buy more color for the yard. These first blooms overjoyed me. I needed to give them company. I came away with only a handful of marigolds, but a large amount of pleasure at my first visit to a nursery this year.

today $5.69 marigolds, $64.15 Trader Joes’s

$69.84 + $1499.86 = $1569.70 and a promise to maybe not spend anything more this month..


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