No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 22: in which Marsha contemplates the lasting qualities of ground cloves. And cinnamon sticks.

Counting pennies gives me so much food for thought. This morning, sprinkling the ground cloves onto my oatmeal, I wondered how often in my life I have had to replace the spices in my cupboard.

Basil, often. Cayenne pepper, every once in awhile. Allspice? Never; I don’t think I know what it is. Recently, my mother gave me some wonderful tea that she believes has been around for twenty years or so. Some things, even though we do need to replenish them, last for so long, you can happily forget their cost.

today – $15.67 from the hardware store – I didn’t ask Stanley what it all was, and didn’t much care since it didn’t include flowers for the garden, (a tomorrow expense.)

$15.67 + $1484.19 = $1499.86


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