No Job, Plenty Fun: TheBudget

Day 17in which Marsha writes.

Truth is, I began this post days ago to remind myself that I must do some real work today. Will I? Maybe. But first, I blog.

Time to pay the piper. As you know, the pipers have already been paid, I just haven’t reported the expense.

“Live in the moment,” says a friend who retired three years ago. I used to laugh at that expression. Which moment?, I would ask myself. Every nano-second I lived was complex: the parent me, the responsible homeowner, the worker me, the me inside my head, the me everyone sees, the wife. Which to choose? In an expression that seemed to stress simplicity, I was simply stressed.

I look at that advice now as a profound way of life.* The followers are content people that the rest of us recognize right off by the expression of serenity in their faces, their calm body language and thoughtful words. There aren’t many of them because it is difficult to learn how to live it. When I walk a walk, it’s literal. This walk is different, and I want to try it out.

My contribution to ‘live in the moment’ is to congratulate myself on not being anxious about the money of today. It’s already gone. In this moment, I am simply grateful it was there to disappear so peacefully.

today (or yesterday, whatever) $250 insurance, $135 cell and home phone, tv and internet, $12.67 hardware store, $34.68 gas, $43.44 stuff from Target, $9.99 netflix, $27.88 something from SaveMart – barbecue propane, I think

$513.46 + $806.67 = $1320.13

*thank you, Opus the Dog


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