No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 21: in which Marsha contemplates the difference between lasting joys and momentary pleasures.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate my pretzels, apples, chocolate and cheese. But they don’t last. I have to buy them now, then next week, and next month.

Today, I celebrate those things I bought once that continue to give and give. My ten year-old LL Bean jacket, the oven mitts that waited a year for me to come back and use them, the solar globes I bought in January.  I bought the latest item today. I expect it will give me years of lasting pleasure, and I only have to count it once in the budget.

Today’s venture to Costco resulted in over $100. The bananas, apples and berries for the kitchen, and puppy treats for Sadie will disappear soon enough. A wrought-iron cafe table with two chairs will help me celebrate springtime in my back yard over and over again.

today $112.34 from Costco

$112.34 + $1371.85 = $1484.19


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