No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day #20: in which Marsha tries to come to terms with a small problem.

Hello, my name is Marsha, and I have a drinking problem, but it’s not the one you may be thinking of right now. I do drink too much. Coffee in the morning and tea all day long are my demons. Add in the occasional concoction of fresh lemon juice with honey, and the necessary full glass of tap water four or five times a day, and we have ourselves a potential for overflow.

Out of necessity, I began to count the bathrooms along my walk today. There were four free, well-supplied, clean, unlocked bathrooms that I could use at convenient intervals. They didn’t smell.

What does this have to do with the budget? Not long ago, if I had found such a bathroom – just one would have been a treasure – I would have had to supply a coin, my own toilet paper,  toilet seat cleaning cloth and cover. It’s not necessary to describe the smell or try to determine how much I would pay to never smell it again. I have wonderful memories of Ukraine, but this is not one, and the expense of it all just added to the mess.

Free and plentiful bathrooms that I don’t have to figure into my budget could keep me at home a very long time. The daily pleasure of living in the USA is something that I don’t have to quantify and include in the budget. That’s worth something all by itself. Which makes me curious. My problem isn’t really a problem here. How do you place a value on easy living?

today $0.00 for bathroom use, $28.36 East Meets West food

$0.00 for bathroom use (just in case you’ve already forgotten) + $28.36 + $1343.49 = $1371.85


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