No JOb, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 18in which Marsha and Stanley literally walk the walk.

The best part of our year in Ukraine was the walking. After returning, we promised to continue to walk for those simple runs to the store, returns to the library, trips to restaurants. But it’s difficult. We had forgotten how America lovingly surrounds herself with vehicles.

At first, I was so caught up in Americana that I let the independence and ease of driving sway me. I was an American woman with a driver’s license and keys. Don’t hold me back. Now, there are often several days in a row that I don’t drive anywhere, and it’s not the expired license that keeps me off the road. It’s a Ukrainian lesson in living that I intend to cultivate and grow into a way-of-life.

Today, Stanley and I walked to the library. It’s about a 4 mile round trip walk, one of our usual jaunts. Then we walked a portion of the Eaton Trail along the river bluff, another 3 miles. I figure that’s about the usual pace of us in Ukraine.

Walking the walk, in true paces and in attempting to stay in-the-moment kept me busy enough that I found no time to spend pennies today.

today $0.00

$0.00 + $1320.13 = $1320.13


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